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Personal project


This started as a Unified University Clubs System that two friends and I were building in an attempt to learn some new skills and add something to our portfolios.

The Problem

Being involved in several clubs in University, I discovered that club managers needed to have too many different ways to update their members on the club schedule and events. They needed, at the very least, a University website, a facebook page, and an email list.

On top of having to update three areas for each change, the University page was hard to edit, not everyone wanted to use facebook, and emails, though effective for communication, were not able to host user generated content from previous events (they were boring!). I realized that a unified clubs system could solve all of this, and so the idea was created.

Below are some selected examples of my work on the project.

A screenshot from the clubs page from What's Your Thing

The Clubs Page

After talking with several club members and managers, we came up with the requirements for this clubs system.

I wish we knew the power of Lean UX back then, as we got a little carried away with designing additional features before it was even released. We designed ways to interact with clubs from other Universities, friend suggestions based on similar clubs you are in, and it just kept growing from there.

Regardless, here you can see a snippet from the main clubs page. You can also view the full clubs page here, and the functionality document here.

A snippet from the main clubs page

Account Creation Page

Though we were only three working on this project, we still wanted to go through our ideal process at the time. I'm using the Account Creation Page for these examples.

First you can see a very simple wireframe, which allowed us to get feedback on the kind of content we needed on screen. Click here for the full image.

Next I created a functionality document to pass on to the UI Designer so they had all the context for their mockups. Click here to view the full document.

Next you can see the first draft of the mockups from the UI Designer. Click here for the full image.

I then ran usability tests on the mockups via a low-fi prototype in order to get feedback as early as possible. Click here to view the report.

The final image here is the final version of the Account Creation page. Click here for the full image.

First wireframe of the Account Creation pageFirst mockup of the Account Creation pageFinal mockup of the Account Creation page


Here are just a few more final designs for different areas of this project.

This first one is of the Clubs News Feed. It was meant to mimic the style of a newspaper and surface personalized content from campus club updates. Click here for the full image.

This second one is of the login page. Not really much to say about this... but it's kind of cool! Click here for the full image.

The final mockup of the Clubs News Feed for What's Your ThingThe final mockup of the login page for What's Your Thing

Next Steps

If I ever worked on this project again, I would trim this down to the core MVP. I would go back to the original idea for the project, which was the Clubs system, and really refine that. I still think there could be a need for this project, as I haven't seen anything out there that addresses these issues. Maybe one day!

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